Welcome to K.R.D. College of Education


We organize ‘mass orientation programe’ each year where students take part in various events like Game and sports, Literary competition, Cultural Competition etc.

Game & Sports

Games and sports are very important for the mental and physical development of the students. We provide indoor and outdoor games like 100m Race (boys & girls), Long Jump, High Jump, Carom, Cricket, Badminton, Volley ball etc.

Literary Competition

In the literary events we organize Ex-tempore speech, Recitation of English and Assamese poem, debate etc.

Cultural Events

In cultural programe we organize Jyoti Sangit competition, Modern song completion , Loko Geet competition etc.

College Canteen

We provide temporary canteen for the students and college working staff .


We are going to publish our Yearly Magazine namely “ RENGONI”. We also publish Our wall Magazine namely “Rengoni” each year . This is the platform of the students where they can publish their Writings.

Other Facilities

i) Girls’ Common Room
ii) Pure Drinking water
iii) Wi-Fi Zone